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- Posted by nelsonkent17
Are you ready to date again?
Are you ready to date again? By Chelsea Kaplan Whether you’ve endured a divorce or the loss of a spouse, deciding on th - Posted by lovebird
From Zero to Hero, Online Dating Pros Offer Tips
Kenneth Li, Reuters Thursday, February 14, 2008 - Posted by lovebird
Ace Your Coffee Date
All of us go on coffee dates these days. They’re quick, relatively cheap, and casual. But as relaxed as they may seem, - Posted by lovebird
Do You Need a Dating Overhaul?
Do You Need a Dating Overhaul? By Julie Taylor More on Boomers and Dating We've all heard of the dreaded r - Posted by lovebird
The Chemistry of Kissing
The Chemistry of Kissing By Amy Spencer You must remember this, a kiss is just a kiss… hang on a minute. No it i - Posted by lovebird
Internet Dating for the Midlife Woman
Internet Dating for the Midlife Woman By Susan Dunn, MA Personal Life & EQ Coach More Internet dating and matchmaking s - Posted by lovebird
100 Ways to Love Your Mate
100 WAYS TO LOVE YOUR MATE by Connie Saindon, MA This list is designed to be a quick check for you to review. Use it to - Posted by lovebird
Choosing a New Partner
CHOOSING A NEW PARTNER by Tim Sharp M.Sc., (Clin Psych) Lilli found herself divorced, employed, and the sole provider f - Posted by lovebird
Are You Being Authentic in Your Relationship?
Are You Being Authentic in Your Relationship? Larry James "Authenticity occurs when the head and the heart meet at the - Posted by lovebird
Looking Out For #1
Looking Out For #1 Larry James Never allow anything to have a higher priority than looking out for number one. You are - Posted by lovebird
Maintaining Your Individuality in Love
Maintaining Your Individuality in Love by Paul Mauchline What is the distinction between mature love and a common misc - Posted by lovebird

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